Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A word to Satanists!

For those of you who have chosen Satan's dark kingdom, here is a lot of information you should heavily consider!

Your Master Satan HATES YOU! and wants to see YOUR DEMISE! He is using you till you accomplish what he wants out of you and then throws you away like used rubbish! He does not care about you in any way! Satan is incapable of LOVE!

You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies.
- John 8:44

"and the devil who had deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur where the beast and the false prophet were, and they will be tormented day and night forever and ever.
- Revelation 20:10

This is exactly where you will be going! to the lake of fire and sulfur where you will be tormented day and night FOREVER AND EVER!


I know that there are Satanists out there who already know this and accept this, and this is cause Satan has dulled their minds so much that they have accepted this truth as their fate, but for those of you who haven't accepted this turn away from the MASTER OF LIES! don't let him take you for a ride anymore! He doesn't care about you, and when he is done with you HE WILL KILL YOU OFF!! 


If you don't turn away from him, and take what I am saying as a joke, this will be you!!!

"Lord Jesus," the man cried out from the pits of hell, " haven't I suffered enough for my sins? It has been forty years since my death!"

Jesus said, "It is written, The just shall live by faith! All mockers and unbelievers shall have their part in the lake of fire. You would not believe the truth. Many times My people were sent to you to show you the way, but you would not listen to them. You laughed at them and refused the Gospel. Even though I died on the cross for you, you mocked Me and would not repent of your sins. My Father gave you many opportunities to be saved. If only you had listened!" Jesus wept

"I know Lord, I know." the man cried "but I repent now."

"It is too late." Jesus said. "Judgement is set!"

You will get many opportunities in life to repent and turn away from Satan! But once you have fully rejected Jesus, you will never EVER get the chance to be saved again! EVER! and HELL WILL BE YOUR ETERNAL DAMNATION!

Demons will be mocking you! saying:
"You could of had Jesus! but we deceived you!"

If you do not even know of hell or the description of hell, let me paint a picture for you of the reality of where you WILL be going to once Satan is DONE with YOU!

Screams fill the air, piercing cries, sounds of all sorts. The feeling of fear, death and sin. The worst odor you have ever smelled of decaying flesh. Torment, excruciating pain and eternal sorrow beyond belief. No love. No compassion. No rest. Evil creatures. Tormented souls in the pits of fire. Worms and maggots crawling in you and around you. A never ending fire that consumes you OVER AND OVER! 

Bill Wiese gives you his testimony of hell:

Is this REALLY where you want to be!

Here is what happened to a woman who followed Satan, this was her REWARD! after he was done with her!

A bright Light illumined the inside of the cell. in the cell was an old woman sitting in a rocking chair, rocking and crying as though her heart would break. I don't know why, but I was shocked to find that this woman was a REAL person with a body.

The cell was completely bare except for the woman in the rocking chair. The walls of the cell were constructed of light-colored clay and dirt, molded into the earth. The front door spanned the entire front of the cell. It was made of black metal with bars of metal and a lock on it. Since the bars were set wide apart, Jesus and I had an almost unlimited view of the entire cell.

The old woman's color was ashen - flesh mixed with a grayish tint. She was rocking back and forth. As she rocked, tears rolled down her cheeks. I knew from her agonized expression that she was in great pain and was suffering from some unseen torment. I wondered what she had been charged with that she should be imprisoned here.

All of a sudden, right before my eyes, the woman began to change forms - first to an old, old man, then to a young woman, to a middle aged woman and then back to the old lady I had first seen. In shock, I watched as she went through these changes on after the other.

When she saw Jesus, she cried, "Lord, have mercy on me. Let me out of this place of torment." She leaned forward in her chair and reached for Jesus, but could not get to Him. The changing continued. Even her clothes changed, so that she was attired as a man, then a young girl, a middle-aged woman, and an old woman in turn. All of this changing seemed to take only a few minutes.

I asked Jesus, "Why, Lord?"

Again she screamed, "O Lord, let me out of here before they return." She now stood at the front of the cell, clenching the bars with tight fists. She said, "I know Your love is real, I know Your love is true. Let me out!" Then as the woman cried in terror, I saw that something was beginning to rip the flesh from her body.

"She is not what she appears to be," said the Lord

The woman sat back in the chair and began to rock. But now only a skeleton was sitting in the rocking chair - a skeleton with a dirty mist inside. Where there had been a clothed body only minutes ago, now there were blackened and burned bones and empty sockets for eyes. The soul of the woman moaned and cried out to Jesus in repentance. But her cries were too late.

"Back on earth," said Jesus, "this woman was a witch and a worshipper of Satan. She not only practiced witchcraft, but she taught witchcraft to others. From the time she was a child, her family practiced black arts. They loved darkness rather than light.

"Many times," said the Lord, "I called on her to repent. She mocked Me and said, 'I enjoy serving Satan. I will keep on serving him.' She rejected the truth and would not repent of her evil. She turned many people away from the Lord, some of them are in hell with her today. If she had repented, I would have saved her and many of her family, but she would not listen.

"Satan deceived this woman into believing that she would receive a kingdom of her own as her reward for serving him. He told her she would never die, but would have a life with him forever. She died praising Satan and came here and asked him for her kingdom. Satan, the father of lies, laughed in her face and said, 'Did you think I would divide my kingdom with you? This is your kingdom.' And he locked her in this cell and torments her day and night.

"On earth this woman taught many witches, both white and black witches, to do their magic. One of her magical tricks was to change from a young woman, to a middle-aged woman, to an old woman - even to an old man. It was fun in those daysto make the change and frighten lesser witches with her magic. Vut now she suffers the pains of hell, and her flesh is ripped away with each change. She cannot control it now and keeps changing from one form to another, but her real form is the misty soul inside her skeleton. Satan uses her for his evil purposes and taunts and mocks her. Every so often she is brought back before Satan to be tormented for his pleasure.

"I called her many times, and I would have saved her. But she would not have Me. Now she begs and pleads for forgiveness, but it is too late. Now she is lost without hope."

And then a dirty brown demon with broken wings, about the size and shape of a large bear, came to the front of her cell and opened it with a key. He was making a loud noise as if to frighten her. The woman screamed in abject terror as he began to attack her and pull her out of the cell.

Jesus said, "This demon torments her often," I watched as she was dragged out of her cell and taken away. 

"Dear Lord," I asked, "is there nothing we can do?" I felt such a pity for her. 

"It's too late!" Jesus replied. "It's too late."

So you see! Serving Satan is not REWARDING! you may be enjoying the power he gives you and the fortune and fame, or whatever it is you have from the father of lies, but once he is done with you, he punishes you for his delight! How can you serve a master who LOVES TO TORMENT YOU!

Here are testimonies from former Satanists who have turned away from Satan the father of LIES! and followed Jesus!

YOU CANNOT SELL YOUR SOUL! The devil uses this lie to get you on his side, and keep you there. Your soul belongs to God! You can't sell something you don't own. It doesn't matter how far deep you are into Satanism. If you have been fed the lie that once you sell your soul to Satan there is no chance of redemption! ITS A LIE FROM SATAN! You can still be saved! So do it NOW! BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

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